SecuThru Lite 2


Enhance document security and reduce costs with user authentication.

SecuThru™ Lite 2

Be smart and secured when it comes to managing workflow with Samsung SecuThru™ Lite 2. Safeguard confidential documents and company data with secure authentication and release functions. Plus, you can reduce costs through pull printing and eliminating unclaimed print jobs.

Secure Authentication and Release

Bring enterprise-level security to your business with Samsung SecuThru™ Lite 2 which provides secure authentication and release of documents. When a user sends a document to a printer, all jobs are temporarily and securely stored in the device through encryption. The document is released only when the authorised user provides authentication.

Serverless, Secure Pull Printing

Share print jobs knowing confidential documents are delivered securely and exclusively to authorised users. SecuThru™ Lite 2 ensures only authorised users can pull documents from up to 10 compatible devices connected to the network. Flexible authentication accommodates up to 500 users.

Reduced Printing Costs

Reduce printing costs in more ways than one. Give printer access to authorised users and eliminate unclaimed printouts through pull printing capabilities. Best of all, there’s no need for an additional server.