Cloud Connector


Scan to and print from the cloud with easy and secure access

Cloud Connector

Scan to and print from the cloud with easy and secure access.

Cloud Connector Flow

Cloud Connector allows for easy and secure access to the cloud, and supports various formats and services

Easy, Secure Access to the Cloud

Users can directly scan and print from the cloud with Samsung Cloud Connector. The Cloud Connector supports a variety of Cloud services and provides an easy and secure way to upload, scan and access content for printing directly without an additional server. Supported Cloud services currently include Google™ Drive® and Microsoft™ SharePoint® Online.

Support for Various Formats & Services

More supported files and services mean less work for you. Cloud Connector accepts PDF, TIFF and XPS scans, and is able to print from PDF and Google™ Drive®. With the ability to support more services including Microsoft™ SharePoint® Online and Google™ Drive®, Cloud Connector allows you to focus on what matters the most.

Cloud Connector Business Core™ Printing Solutions

Cloud Connector is a Samsung Printing innovation which allows users to scan to and print from the cloud easily and securely without an additional server.